Bo on ‘. This is the name of the program of events that Bologna has in place on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.
With a web portal dedicated to campaign is sponsored by the City, CNA, Confcommercio Ascom Bologna, along with Bologna Welcome and in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce.
Last December 31, finally, were 25 000 people who attended the big party-concert ‘From’ promoted in Piazza Maggiore, the City, for New Year’s Eve this year and that will make an encore,  dinners and parties of Happy New Year and at  midnight, according to the Bologna’s tradition, the huge puppet representing the Old Year (“Vecchione”) will be burned. This year, the “Vecchione” will be created by Andreco.
The “Vecchione”, ephemeral art in his concept, will be created in Piazza Maggiore at the end of December to be admired for only few days before its burning that is closing symbolically the old year. At the end of the performance, the shuttle bus will be connecting the down-town with the main clubs and bars where you can continue to celebrate the New Year’s Eve party.
For families there is the initiative ‘I play, You shopping’, with a cultural corner Children at the School of ideas Golinelli Foundation, in Piazza Re Enzo. A free and without reservation, allows children to spend some time in a cozy space dedicated to them while parents can enjoy Christmas shopping.