January 17th, 2013, was the Tiramisu day: worldwide chefs prepared the Tiramisu.

In Tiramisu under the Two Towers ladyfingers are the Two Towers, the symbol of Bologna and since snowing today I added a sprinkling of icing sugar

Since 2008, on January 17 of each year, is celebrated a famous Italian recipe in the world as part of International Day of Italian Cuisine
The first, in 2008, was the recipe for spaghetti alla carbonara;
in 2009 – the risotto alla Milanese
in 2010 it was the turn of tagliatelle al ragù bolognese (if someone wants to luxuriate can see the video of Big Carlo of Bologna Cooking School created and published by Newsfood tagliatelle with ragu Bolognese to-
in 2011 the Genoese pesto
and in 2012 the osso buco alla milanese in gremolata
for the sixth International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC English in 2013) has been chosen the most famous dessert: Tiramisu

Given the situation of Italy there could be no greater wish

In my small way, I can say that the students who come to learn Italian cuisine from all over the world love the Tiramisu.
8 years ago when I started teaching the rice cake and trifle, cakes of our tradition, then, because everyone was asking the Tiramisu I started to put it in our lessons.
It ‘was a success, as evidenced by the video made ​​by Newsfood Tiramisu (Tiramisu), which was seen by 99,820 people